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“La Jabugueña”, which is characterized by its passion for quality, has created together with traditional livestock breeders a new rearing of heavyweight pigs (160 kg). This breed is accomplished due to the following measures:


  • They have a minimum ten months age.
  • They are fed with natural feed in proportional rations (cereals, dried pulses and protein crops)
  • They have the best muscle fibres. (ideal balance between white and red fibres)
  • They have an optimal fatty infiltration.

So as to combine all these factors; that is to say, age, a rationed diet (control), muscle fibre quality and optimal fatty infiltration, “La Jabugueña” has chosen the Duroc breed which is the one that best adapts to all these conditions and it is also used by the most prestigious Serrano ham manufacturers, such as the “Jamon de Teruel” or the “Prosciutto di Parma” outside of Spain.