La Jabugueña’s goal is to offer top quality, which is what a gastronomic gem like the Iberian pig deserves.

The passion for our meadows, for the Iberian breed and for work well done, along with craftsmanship, experience and technology, are translated into the unmistakable taste and quality of our products.

General Overview

Since its early beginning “La Jabugueña” has been characterized by combining industry and tradition in order to apply the best techniques in the breeding and fattening of the Iberian pig. .

We have always believed in and been committed to offer the traditional flavour of all our Iberian products from Jabugo which are widely known to be highly beneficial to our health due to the level of mono unsaturated fatty acids.

Aims and Commitment

Our long-standing commitment to nature is observed in the natural way we breed our Iberian pigs in the «Parque Natural de La Sierra de Aracena y Picos de Aroche». By doing this, we work in the conservation and care of the National Park meadow lands, which fate would be left uncertain otherwise. In this way we contribute to the economic development as well as the sustainable growth of this National Park. Both the traditional process and the strict health controls are taken into account in each stage of the production process. Thus, the salting, curing, sweating and ageing processes of our hams and shoulders are performed not only with an ecologically friendly approach but most importantly, with a natural and healthy procedure; that is to say, Iberian pigs are naturally and organically grown and no additives or preservatives are used.

It is precisely for that reason that we hold quality certificates which ensure the strictest food safety and our widely known quality; namely, B.R.C (“A” Qualification – maximum- for many consecutive years). ISO9001-2000 R.D. 993 certification: export authorization for meat companies (level three), which allows us to sell our products to the most demanding countries in food security (USA, China). These acknowledgments compel us to offer the best quality following the strictest security and health regulations.




Our backing

La Jabugueña has always backed the extensive breeding of the Iberian pig, by which we mean in freedom, amongst thousands of hectares of cork oaks and holm oaks, peaks, streams, pure, clean air and

where there is at least 1 hectare of land per acorn-fed animal to enjoy with exquisite and careful feeding, based on acorns, fresh grass, truffles and aromatic plants. Only then is the best quality obtained .

Our own grazing lands. A commitment.

In the heart of Sierra de Aracena and Picos de Aroche Natural Park we find the very best of our Iberian breed. Animals that are carefully selected and bred on our grazing lands. Cantos Picados, El Pico del Castillo, El Barranco de Martín Pérez, La Cañada, are just some of La Jabugueña’s estates.

Our grazing lands, ecological paradises, are currently a seriously endangered ecosystem. Climate change, fires and woodland degeneration are the main causes.

Being totally aware of this problem, La Jabugueña has taken on a commitment: to work for the sustainable development of these unique ecosystems in which environmental conservation

and production coexist, taking advantage of each and every natural resource on the grazing lands in perfect balance with their conservation and preservation.

Closing the circle

Nothing is left to chance. The taste of La Jabugueña’s products is the result of special care and the total control of the entire elaboration process, C.A.P., from start to finish.

Breeding, slaughtering and selection, cutting, traditional salting and natural curing. All of this along with rigorous health controls, traceability, tasting and storage on our own grazing lands and in our own facilities. From start to finish, we have closed the perfect circle.

The Perfect circle