Iberian Pig

Much has been said about the denomination of products derived from the Iberian pig, always associated with bad, vague and not very specific information, causing the end consumer much confusion. After various negotiations, the new Iberian Quality Standard, RD 4/2014, was approved in the Council of Ministers, improving information for the consumer on the labelling and presentation and establishing greater processing rigour and controls.

Depending on its feeding and rearing, 3 types of Iberian pig have been established:

  • Bellota (acorn), reared in freedom and fed during the “montanera” period, when they freely feed on acorns and grasslands
  • Cebo de campo (free range), reared in freedom and fed on the grazing land’s natural resources (olives, chestnuts, aromatic bushes…) and with few or no acorns.
  • Cebo (animal feed), intensive rearing (farms) fed on compound feeds.

The anterior Iberian Quality Standard, RD 1469/2007, established another denomination; the recebo. This classification was used for hams and shoulders from Iberian pigs that had been fed on acorns but, as they did not reach the optimum weight to be slaughtered, their fattening was finished with cereals. This denomination disappears with the new standard, forcing a reduction in the quality of the cebo de campo (free range) labelling, when one has nothing to do with the other. The new standard allows this designation, the recebo, a validity period to the end of the 2014-2015 campaign.

Depending on its genetics, three types of Iberian pig are also established:

  • 100% Iberian, mother and father are 100% Iberian
  • 75% Iberian, mother 100% Iberian and father 50% Iberian (Iberian + Duroc)
  • 50% Iberian, mother 100% Iberian and father Duroc breed

The "Pata Negra” denomination is exclusively for 100% Iberian and the term Pure Iberian is prohibited.

Therefore, the current standard aims to give the consumer as much information as possible and established four types of labels for hams and shoulders:

La Jabugueña Iberian products are only bellota ( acorn), recebo (until the end of the 2014-2015 campaign) or cebo de campo (free range). We believe that the Iberian pig belongs on the grazing lands, helping to maintain this valuable ecosystem and therefore guarantee the excellent quality of our products. Sustainable production.