Iberian products

No other place in the world brings such favourable conditions together to attain a top quality ham; for this very reason La Jabugueña has been elaborating authentic La Jabugueña Iberian ham for over forty years in Jabugo.

As if it were yesterday, and even more so today, we keep our innovative spirit throughout all of our processes to obtain top quality in our entire range of La Jabugueña products. Innovation, tradition, quality and passion for the Iberian pig define this big family, La Jabugueña.

Range of Serrano Hams

Some years later José Luís Escuredo bet on expanding his products with the Serrano ham and shoulder range. Coming from the white pig, La Jabugueña products are named after the months they are cured for, between 18 and 24 months, and they are cured in our own cellars and dried in La Jabugueña’s installations in León.


Throughout all these years, La Jabugueña has kept its initial innovative spirit intact. An artisan tradition in elaborating hams that goes back thousands of years, the use of advanced technologies and, above all, the passion for excellence, make La Jabugueña products a luxury for our palates.