We are unique

The result of much effort, hard work and in our pursuit of excellence, at La Jabugueña we are happy to be one of the few companies that achieves the 5 differentiating factors that make our products unique.

The Natural Park Brand, a seal of quality granted by the Andalusian Government Environmental and Territorial Ordinance Ministry for artisan and natural products, along with tourism services (accommodation, restaurants and active tourism) that are elaborated or provided inside the Andalusian Natural Parks and their socioeconomic areas of influence.

The exclusive “Jabugo” fire engraved seal. Only 4 companies in the world can use it, and La Jabugueña is one of them.

The ecological certificate that endorses the production of La Jabugueña’s ecological range.

The Jabugo Seal. Only 4 manufacturers in the world can enjoy this great privilege as they are located in the unique Jabugo enclave. Only for those who can guarantee that their products come from pigs that are slaughtered and later completely processed (salting, curing, aging in the cellar) exclusively in the municipality of Jabugo. We guarantee an origin, an artisan process and a thousand year old way of producing hams.

A member of the Huelva Iberian Acorn Ham Protected Designation of Origin covering both slaughtering and production.

Demonimació Original Jamón de Huelva

ROYAL DECREE 265/2008, which establishes the Framework List for establishments registered for exportation, determines the hygiene-health conditions that must be complied with by companies interested in exporting their products to countries outside the Community market that demand special requirements further to those stated in the inter-community market.
The BRC standard is a food safety system developed by the British retail distribution sector. Large distribution companies require the BRC certificate, above all when the company wants to export to the United Kingdom.

La Jabugueña has the following certificates:
- At its facilities in Jabugo: Framework List and BRC as a meat industry company.
- In the facilities in León: Framework List in the meat and slaughterhouse industries. Framework List and BRC in slaughtering and cutting.
- And in the facilities in Girona: Framework List as a repackaging centre (covering the boning and slicing activities for cured products with a long maturing period).




Lista Marco RD 265/2008

Total control of the entire elaboration process (C.A.P.) from start to finish.
Breeding, slaughtering and selection, cutting, traditional salting and natural curing. All of this along with rigorous health controls, traceability, tasting and storage on our own grazing lands and in our own facilities. From start to finish, we have closed the perfect circle.

Certificate D.O.P Jamón de Huelva




Certificate BRC Los Romeros de Jabugo



Certificate BRC Matadero







Certificate ARAPORCEI