Our own grazing lands.

A commitment.

In the heart of Sierra de Aracena and Picos de Aroche Natural Park we find the very best of our Iberian breed. Animals that are carefully selected and bred on our grazing lands. Cantos Picados, El Pico del Castillo, El Barranco de Martín Pérez, La Cañada, are just some of La Jabugueña’s estates.

Our grazing lands, ecological paradises, are currently a seriously endangered ecosystem. Climate change, fires and woodland degeneration are the main causes.

Being totally aware of this problem, La Jabugueña has taken on a commitment: to work for the sustainable development of these unique ecosystems in which environmental conservation and production coexist, taking advantage of each and every natural resource on the grazing lands in perfect balance with their conservation and preservation.

Cantos Picados

El Pico del Castillo
La Velasca
La Cañada
La Huerta del Machaca
El Barranco de Martín Perez
El Caño
Cantos Picados
Cantos Picados Finca Cantos Picados