Premium La Jabuguña

Premium Ham


Jabuguena Premium is the result of a lifetime of effort combining the elements necessary to obtain a great end result, and we can say that it is the jewel of our products and our greatest pride.


These hams come from pigs slaughtered at the LA JABUGUENA slaughterhouse located in Jabugo (Province of Huelva), raised in the property of the group, "CANTOS PICAOS", of approximately 3500 hectares, located in the Natural Park of "Sierra de Aracena y Picos" de Aroche "which has been declared a Biosphere Reserve since 2002, and declared a certified pasture for the Iberian pig farm" BELLOTA ".


The pigs of "CANTOS PICAOS" come from spawners present in this same property and registered in the genealogical books of the Iberian race.


They are animals raised in extensive mode (in freedom) and they are killed only at the minimum age of 18 months in order to acquire the best organoleptic qualities.


Their diet is 100% natural throughout their life.


Given this diet, the fatty acid profiles of their fats are greater than or equal to 54% oleic acid, which makes this fat good for the heart.


It should be noted that from 53% oleic acid, it is in the "Bellota" quality level, which means that our products surpass all established quality parameters.


Pig feeding is totally natural, based on the acorns and good natural resources of pastures, as well as the artisanal production of its hams and pallets with the only added ingredient unrefined sea salt.


Drying and maturing for a minimum of 36 months are carried out in the La Jabuguena Group's cellars located in Jabugo, and this process is essential to obtain the flavor and quality so characteristic of the Jabugo area.



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