La Jabugueña Nature.

100% Natural. Clean Label


La Jabugueña Nature.100% Natural. Clean Label

The market trend towards an increasingly healthy diet made us aware of the importance of adhering to the defense and promotion of a healthy diet, creating a new line of 100% Natural or Clean Label products, without chemical additives, preservatives and without allergens.


These products from our Nature line maintain the quality of their organoleptic properties, the highest food safety standards and their authentic flavor. We respect the natural characteristics and the elaboration of traditional products but giving them the added value to offer consumers increasingly natural and healthy products.


All our Nature products are made with meat exclusively from Iberian pigs and their crosses, as we have been doing for 50 years in the company. Our commitment to a healthy diet began with the production of hams and shoulders, without preservatives or additives, only with sea salt, to which we have been incorporating new products such as the range of Iberian sausages.